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Humans are just instrument.

     It was late in the afternoon. Patients keep on coming. I need to help in assisting and end up refracting two of them. Because of my disorganized mind, I forgot that the powers that I need for their prescription are not applicable in the lens that I prescribed so I need to find a way to fix it, and end up asking Doctor A. I listened to her advice. After a few hours, Doctor B told me that there is another lens which is the same with the lens that I prescribed wherein the lens powers are available. So I double checked the lenses that she told me and told Doctor A about it over the phone. After a few minutes, Staff A hand me over her phone because Doctor A is on the line. After we talk, I gave back the phone to Staff A, and then that’s the time my eyes feel heavy. Staff A told me that Doctor A got mad because of Doctor B since he/she intervenes, and told me not to cry because it isn’t my fault. But no matter how many times I look at it, it’s still my fault that I didn’t stick to the judgment that Doctor A and I had.

     I feel so bad. I just want something better for the patient, but then I also end up hurting someone. Maybe I’m a conflict magnet. I don’t know. I think I’m not ready for this. I feel so useless.

Just the coffee, cake, book and me :) #guiltypleasure

Yahay! ♡ #oathtaking #family #friends

After 6 years of hardwork and perseverance, everything has already paid off :] This goes to my Mama, Papa, Jackie, Lola and of course to God. #blessed #professionals #optometry #oathtaking

You can’t blame me for trying. I’ve gone through seasons waiting for you with nothing changing but the weather. And I want to say that I’m okay being alone, and I want to show you I’m okay being alone, but even if I said it, I wouldn’t mean it. To be quite honest, the only thing getting me through these days is the false hope that things are going to be okay, that they’re going to get better. But without you, I’m never okay because you’re the only thing that makes me better.

I hate you so much that I regret everything I did for you. You ungrateful person; pretending to be my friend. Tss. You threw 6 years of our friendship just like that. Tandaan mo, you’ll regret everything. I’m so disappointed in you.