So I may be had a tough week, celebrated my birthday with the board examiners, drove in a traffic city, got colds because of the rain, but honestly it doesn’t matter, because all the hardships were all worth it. :)

To God be the Glory!

Even though we’re not together, I was able to finish this fight because of you.

Thank you for all your advices and words of encouragement (months ago). They may be history to you but they keep me going and wanting more. I will never forget you. :)

I loved you with every
bone, muscle, and
vein but it
still was not
to make
Elizabeth Gultom, Nighttime Nostalgia (via exulis)


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Hope, Faith, and Victory :] #ToGodbetheGlory #OptometryLicensureExam #July2014 #thegoodvibes

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